Pool Construction / Inground Vinyl lined tied in with concrete, Steel walls, reinforcined steel

Interior is made of  Nylex Aqualux a silky smooth finish and non abrasive. Aqualux pool finish is developed and manufactured in Australia by Nylex, A trusted name suited for Australian conditions. Nylex Aqualux is strong and durable for it wont crack, chip, flake and is the toughest flexible pool surface finish available.

Its unique multi layer construction protects against harmful chemicals, UV rays and resist algae and fungal growth. Warranted by Nylex for 7 years the Aqualux comes in a variety of colours and patterns  to create the ultimate interior with a silky smoothe finish

Vinyl Lined pools are growing in numbers as this type of construction can with stand minimal ground movement, as the need of this type of construction is now being sought after as it can be built to suit most conditioins, made any length or width, depth can be made to suit as well as steps / entry can be designed to your needs. Proven performance will also tell you that this type of construction now accounts for over 80% of in ground pools now being built through out all of Europe, and the United States