As you can see you can pretty much make your pool any shape, one of the important things to remember when designing your own pool BALANCE

This pool was designed with balance in mind. The seat was to fit in the middle of the 2 posts and wanting around the 10m to 12m. This pool is actually a Romano in design 12m x 3.5m attached to to the side is a swim out / spa seat.

This pool has purpose and balance mind. Its size is a mere 4.3m x 4.3m square used as an exercise pool.

It also has a spa seat with 4 jets and a Typhoon 150 pump, it also boasts some excellent heating arrangements including solar on the roof to heat the pool as well as a Gas heater to heat the pool as needed with the touch of a button.

Here we have a lap pool Weekender in design. This state and national award winning pool measures at 9m x 2.8m with a beautiful finish.

Here we have the clasic example of no room as well as sqeezing a pool into the smallest area. With this pool being built some time ago you’ll notice it is right on the boundary making it a very tight area.

What helps this pool apart from its tight design is its colours, choosing your colours is just as important as design.